Carport & Garage FAQS

What sizes of buildings do you have available?

Sizes of our Metal Carport and Garages start at 12 ft wide by 20 ft long by 6 ft high.

Width increases go in 2 ft increments up to a 70 ft wide clear span.

Length increases go in 5 ft increments up to 140 ft long.

Height increases go in 1 ft increments up to 20 ft.

Custom Sizes can be ordered in to meet any specific needs but will be priced based on the next size larger.

What size roll-up doors are available?

Our roll-up door sizes are:









Any Doors over 10×10 size have the options to add chain-hoists or automatic openers.

How long does it take for installation?

Our average lead time is 4-6 weeks in Georgia from the time the site is confirmed ready.

All lead times are weather permitting.

Can I install my building myself?

Yes, you can install your building yourself.

By doing so, you will not have any warranty on the building and you only save 10% of the retail cost of the building.

How big should my concrete pad be?

All concrete pads are recommended to pour 2″ wider on all sides. 

Example: If you order a 18×20 garage then your concrete pad would be 18’4″ x 20’4″.

Can I order site-specific drawings?


If you require site-specific drawings please contact our office for more information.

Each site-specific drawing is custom quoted.

Typically, our generic engineered drawings rated for 45psf/145mph work for most local building code offices, which are included with a paid deposit.

Please check your local requirements with your local building permitting office.

It is the customer’s responsibility to order the correct spec building to meet local codes where the structure will be installed.

What type of anchors come with my building?

Anchoring is included with all of our buildings. 

Your structure will receive concrete anchors, or asphalt anchors, or mobile home anchors for ground installations.

What surfaces can a structure be installed on?

We can install on any level surface including concrete, asphalt, dirt/ground, and gravel.

How level does my land need to be for installation?

Your installation site should be level with a 1-3” tolerance.

If your site is out of level greater than 3” then you should prepare your site before installation so that it’s level.

We highly recommend you speak with a local gravel or concrete contractor so that you can decide the best foundation for your structure based on your budget and use.

What is the difference between vertical & horizontal sides/ends?

When discussing the closed sides or ends of a metal building, the terms ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ refer to the direction of the sheet metal ridges on the exterior surface of the structure.

The orientation of these metal ridges can have a significant impact on the visual appeal of the building.

Opting for horizontal sides or ends is often the more affordable choice.

Upgrading to vertical sides and/or ends necessitates additional tubing to properly install the sheet metal panels. This increased complexity requires more labor and materials when compared to the horizontal option.

In certain cases, homeowner’s associations mandate the use of vertical sides/ends, while some customers choose the vertical orientation due to personal style preferences.

Do I need a building permit?

Depending on the use, location and size of your structure – you may need to obtain a building permit.

All customers should check with their local permitting office to see if their structure will be within local code and, if required, be able to obtain a permit.

Maco Sales of Warner Robins does not obtain permitting on behalf of customers.

It’s important to notify your local permitting office to obtain your requirements and guidelines to follow.

We proudly build to meet local building codes, be sure to specify on your order any building code requirements to ensure proper pricing for your code requirements.

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